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About us

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Albumii helps you celebrate the stories that matter most.
We’ve created the most simple way to keep and cherish the stories of your life's journey. Albumii is the service to help you record everything that’s worth remembering, from your most meaningful milestones to your most candid bloopers and more. Each and every day, we work hard to inspire you to capture your deepest, most personal creative selves to tell your story.

What We Do

We’re all about making your memories live on.
We create simple, heartfelt, and tangible solutions. We love things you can touch, see, smell, and feel in real life. Our mobile and desktop apps were designed to allow you to personalize your photo products to capture your memories just the way you want them. So that there’s a little bit more of “you” out there in the world.
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Our passion is driven by our customers’ happiness and satisfaction, so a lot of time and effort is put into refining the Albumii customer experience. We love showcasing the Albumii community’s creativity, so we organize photography events, meet-ups, and competitions each year. Follow us on social media to get the full picture of what we’re up to!

Our team

Cause good people is esencial
David Tomson
Albumii CEO
Naomi Jacks
Albumii CEO
Carla Mendez
Albumii CEO
Mike Wikson
Albumii CEO

Our Mission

It’s all about you
More than photos, we help tell life stories. At Albumii, we are dedicated to inspiring people to bring out their deepest, most creative selves. Our commitment is to provide a secure application that’s fun and easy to use, while still delivering fast and friendly customer service.