Metal Prints

Sleek and artistic! Printing your photos on metal will bring a modern touch to any space. Creativity knows no bounds with this striking choice.
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  • Material Type:ย Digitally printed on a metal panel made out of aluminium
  • Metal Thickness:ย 0.11 cm
  • Photo Qty: 1 photo per panel
  • Available Sizes: 18x13 to 110x75 cm
Metal Prints - Longlasting - Wall art
Lightweight and durable, so you can place it anywhere - even bathrooms and kitchens!
Environmentally Friendly
Metal Prints - Environmentally friendly - Wall art
Made with recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable material.
Easy to Clean
Metal Prints - Easy to clean - Wall art
Fade, moisture, and chemical resistant โ€“ surface can be cleaned easily.


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